Fun fitness trends everyone should try at least once

By: Milica Marković
Posted on: May 3, 2016

If you’re anything like me and are put off by the idea of reducing the temple that is your body to a mundane routine machine that does 20 reps per five sets with the dumbbells in the gym, have no fear – crazy-fun, full-body workouts that will make you feel empowered and adventurous are here to save you from the boring treadmill!

Indoor Rock Climbing

Scaling those colourful holds will make anyone feel heroic, for such a feat requires multiple muscle groups working together to find balance, improve flexibility and enhance grip strength to advance upwards and even towards various routes. Not only that, but climbing also tests your judgment in planning your route and the skills you need to get to the next hold. My fellow acrophobes can take comfort in safety harnesses to then help them get out of their comfort zone and develop an enthusiasm for challenge.

Pole Dancing

Now before you sheepishly laugh this one off and carry on to the next entry, hear me out. Interestingly enough, aside from the flaunting rights the pole gives you, I actually see quite a few commonalities between pole dancing and rock climbing, in the sense that they both teach you to be flexible, have balance and build strength. So no, it’s not necessarily about seducing onlookers with your suave swinging abilities. Although if any of you are feeling spicy during your routine and perhaps want to heat things up for someone special as well, then by all means, my lovelies, go for it.


To anyone who is sick of the club scene, or simply wasn’t a fan in the first place, you can aerobicise and salsa your way through your favourite catchy songs with other groovy movers in this Latin American dance-inspired fitness program. And what’s more, you’ll be improving your endurance, blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, and even your pain threshold, all at your own intensity level.


Grab a partner and get ready to “Party!” Bachata is a hot and relatively new trend that, besides using all kinds of muscles you probably didn’t realize you had, will help you become a lot more poised and graceful in your step. Like rock climbing and even pole dancing, it does a lot for your hand-and-eye coordination in the way you and your partner move to the music and in correspondence to each other, boosting your confidence all the while.


What better way to end the day – and this list – than with a session of pure restorative bliss? Practicing invigorating postures of any kind at least once a week can do wonders for your blood flow, core, bones and muscles, symptoms, immune system and mental health, resulting in less injuries, health conditions and unnerving feelings. It also trains you to breathe properly, which can seriously improve your sleeping pattern.

The important thing is that you’re having fun exploring new territory, regardless of whatever exercise you choose to pursue, and that it gets you excited for the next adrenaline rush. You’ll realize that everyday life doesn’t always have to be as tedious and even stressful as you allow it to be.

What would you try?

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