“Holy shit, it’s you.”

By: Jennifer Armel
Posted on: August 10, 2016

Part 3 of #LoveOnTheGO

Over the span of about a month, I kept seeing train boy at the gym. And still, I couldn’t bring myself to say a thing.

Then, I was on LinkedIn one evening (as per usual) and there he was. He was no longer train boy, but Jonathan Slobodsky, summer intern. Is this actually happening? How do I know him?

LinkedIn showed that my connection, Rachel, had added him…and there he was, bam, on my timeline.

Naturally, I was curious, so I clicked on his profile and began to read more about this guy. Hmm…he appears to be a few years older. Educated, check. Ambitious, check. Cute, check-check (but I already knew this, thanks to the GO train and the gym).

I wanted to find out more.

So I opened a new tab on Chrome and said ‘hello’ to Facebook and typed in his name.

First thoughts:

  • Yes! No privacy settings on his profile (this has changed since meeting me, of course).
  • 15 mutual friends.
  • Ugh, he’s so cute.

Do I message him?


Am I going crazy?

A little.

A few more weeks passed by.

I told my mom and a few friends about Jonathan/train boy and they all told me to message him. What would I say? “Oh hello, I see you everywhere. How’s it going?” “I’m not stalking you, but I see you all the time.”

My friends weren’t too much help either. “Jen, you’re in communications, you can figure out something to say.” OR “Jen, you never have a problem speaking to anyone, just do it!” Thanks guys…

One evening last October I found the courage, perhaps thanks to a glass of rosé.

I was going to do it – message Jonathan.

Here’s what I sent, genius, I know:

“Holy shit, it’s you. This will quite possibly be the strangest Facebook message you will ever get…but I feel like I see you everywhere in real life.”

The best opening line you’ve ever heard right? Ha…

Stay tuned for Part 4 (finale).

Questions that will be answered:

  • Did Jonathan respond?
  • If yes, what did he say? Did he recognize me too?
  • Where are we now?

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