How To Get The Guy

By: Zohrraa
Posted on: June 16, 2016

Now ladies, we all know as a female it’s not that hard to find a fella. #WhoRunTheWorld

But what do you when there’s that one dreamy guy you want to attract? Let me break it down for you. But first, a tale of caution. A wise woman who goes by the title, my best friend, once told me, “If you think he’s bad news, he probably is.” Always a good idea to listen to these girls. I mean, they’re your besties for a reason, right?


 If you read the last, (see: Article 1: How to Get the Girl) you would have heard my whole rant on how Barney Stinson’s suit game was on point! However, the starting point for women is a little different. Females are naturally more attractive than males. They generally have clearer skin, silkier hair and bright eyes full of feminine wisdom. Therefore, it is less about the fashion choices made and more about the presentation made. As long as you display yourself with confidence, the clothes aren’t nearly as important. What will be your greatest asset on display is your face.

This brings us to Gods real gift to Women – makeup! Makeup can be used to hide asymmetrical points on the face, or to draw attention to particular areas. #Contouring

My philosophy with makeup is always to emphasize your natural beauty and keep it simple. However, it’s important to accentuate your eyes. Looking at a potential partner in an attempt to attract them is not a new concept. Some might even call it giving ‘The Look’. It’s all about using your eyes to entice the one you want. Patti Stager, from The Millionaire Matchmaker, calls this the five second flirt. It is finding a guy you’re attracted to, be it at a bar or party or other social event, and holding their gaze.

Step 2: THE PLAY

When it comes to flirting, women generally have the easier role. As you know, girls enjoy being chased and men like doing the chasing. So as a female, flirting techniques have to be more subtle as the aim is to get the guy to respond to you. The best method of approach is to lure the guy in and get him to “make the move.” A guy’s mind is simple. He wants the attention of all attractive women. If he knows you like him already, he’ll lose interest in approaching and impressing you. This is why from your dressing attire to the conversation, it’s better to keep seeming mysterious during initial interactions. Always make a guy feel like he’s doing the hard work and he’ll show more of an interest in you. The key is, for females, never overdo yourself before he shows his reciprocation towards you. If it seems too obvious that you like him already, he knows that he doesn’t have to work hard to get your attention and he’ll forget all about the chase.

In order to get a guy to approach you and keep his engagement, there are things you can do and things you should keep in mind to avoid. As a general rule for enticing every guy, find a balance between challenging them and playing to their ego’s. Why would you ever want to challenge a guy, or object to what a guy says? While you may think that men absolutely love women who share all their interests and opinions, the truth is that it’s boring. People prefer being around those who challenge them every now and then. Clearly you don’t want to overdo this, but it’s something to definitely keep in mind as an attraction builder. Remember that a real man wants a real woman, not an adolescent. And a woman who flirts like a little girl comes off as desperate and needy. So ladies! Be honest, don’t lead men on, don’t be clingy, don’t make overtly sexual advances and don’t dumb yourself down – we’re grown-ups now. It’s not cute anymore.


This one goes out to all the females in the audience. Never question if you’re not attractive enough, not smart enough, not affluent enough, or if your bad past has messed you up a little. #Daddyissues Whatever those guys might make you feel, we are all unique and have our own strengths and weaknesses to play with. It’s just a matter of finding someone whose vibes you’re in sync with. So, don’t stress if you try and things don’t work out. If you’re compatible, you’re compatible. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If the guy you’re into is being non-responsive, that’s on them and you wouldn’t want that anyway! Be confident, stand your ground and go for the one you want. It’s better than living with regret.


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