Our Team

We’re millennials. We’re professionals. And we’re writing for you!

Jennifer Armel

After having her first magazine article published at the age of 16, Jennifer knew she had found a love for telling stories and connecting with people through writing. A Laurier University and Seneca College  corporate communications alumna, Jen enjoys Zumba fitness, travelling and watching The Mindy Project. The way to her heart? Cute photos of chimpanzees.

Jonathan Slobodsky
Developer and technology ninja

Born and raised in Thornhill, Jonathan’s passion for web development and design began after a year-long internship in Tel-Aviv, Israel. An avid Starbucks drinker and Reddit user, Jonathan enjoys working out and eating Italian food.

Bella Muretova

Bella moved to downtown Toronto while she was a student at Ryerson University and has discovered many perks this city has to offer. She is a Recruitment Consultant with a goal to help students kick start their careers early on, provide career advice and share best practices. After work, you can find her at a new food joint or dancing the night away at a club.

Elena Iacono

Elena is premised on one simple principle: the secret to an inspiring and successful workplace and career starts with us. A communications professional, Elena creates simple yet moving copy to encourage and engage key audiences. Besides travelling, arranging florals and reading non-fiction, Elena spends her time writing on the topic of leadership and communication. Aim? To help others reconsider not just how they show up but most importantly, how they can influence others for the better. Originally from Ottawa, Elena resides in Oakville and loves everything the GTA has to offer.

Eric Oziel

Eric is a go-getter in the fiercely competitive Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Trading north-of-Finch suburbia for the Entertainment District over a year ago, he has been loving living in the action and checking out all that this fine city has to offer. Eric’s got major passion for fitness and sports, frequently seen running along the waterfront trail or playing soccer in multiple leagues around the city, and he also volunteers at the Etobicoke Humane Society dog shelter in his spare time. Having spent a few months in Europe post-graduation from Wilfrid Laurier University’s Business program, Eric has got a serious travel bug and can talk travel for hours- preferably over a drink on a sunny patio.

Fabienne Chan

An avid urbanist with Drake-level love for Toronto, Fabienne is a proud Ryerson Urban Planning alumna who switched from a leading real estate market consultancy to return to school for Big Data Analytics. Her personal and professional goal in life is to build a better city using tech and big data. She loves playing sports (ultimate Frisbee, badminton, tennis, softball) biking around the 6ix, going to concerts, and attending networking events. Nobody ever believes Fabienne’s an introvert, but she would secretly take Netflix/ reading non-fiction/ spending hours on Twitter over going out (don’t tell her friends – they know they can do better and will leave her).

Fejiro Odibo

Fejiro is a lover of all things culture and media. She is an avid critic,  book-reader,  film-watcher and admirer of Jon Snow (you know nothing!). In her spare time she loves spending time with friends, listening to music and working out. When Feji gets her coins together she will travel a lot more so that she can watch the sun set in all of corners of the Earth.

Jeff Greenberg

Born and raised in Toronto, Jeff is a live music aficionado, an avid festival-goer, and a passionate non-profit professional seeking to infuse the world with innovative new ways of building community and doing good. He is an accomplished traveller, and works to actively turn fresh perspectives from across Canada and around the world into social innovation. Jeff is an avid cyclist, a proud Guelph Gryphon, an unapologetic foodie, and loves all the culture the world has to offer.

Katrina Van

Katrina Van is a Digital Social Marketer and a Ryerson Marketing Management alumna that creates impactful online content. Kat recently chose compassion over tradition by switching to all vegan grub and wants to show others that it’s not just rabbit food. On the weekends, you can find her at a Richmond Hill dog park playing with her adorable pup Hazel (Instagram: @hazelthegsp).

Lauren Shuster

Lauren is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and
Presenter with over 14 years of experience using a mind-body approach
to optimal health with clients.  Her company,
www.torontopersonaltrainer.net, offers personal training, fitness
classes and corporate wellness presentations in and around Toronto.

Marc Winegust

Marc Winegust lives in Toronto (duh.) Jumping around from university to university pursing his love of movies, he graduated from Toronto Film School in 2015. He has worked on various projects with the following subjects: Small Town Orgy, Marijuana, Moon landing conspiracy, and Chthulu (twice)! If he’s not watching movies at home or at the theatres, you can always catching him at the Skydome (not calling it The Rogers Centre) watching the Blue Jays or downtown looking for Blu-ray’s and Vinyl to add to his physical media collection. Marc currently works at D Films.

Massimo Satira

Massimo took a love of books and story telling and turned it into a career as a professional copywriter. Working on many national and international brands, Massimo found his niche writing marketing materials for financial companies. Learning quickly that many of his friends and family didn’t know where to start when taking care of their personal finances, he always tries to educate and inform people to make the best financial decisions. When he’s not thinking up a new great ad, he’s usually reading, hanging out on a patio or enjoying a nice cigar.

Milica Marković

Milica is known for her word sorcery and editing voodoo. A graduate from the criminology and political studies program at York University, she uses her critical-thinking powers for cross-media/cultural communications, as well as purposeful journalism. She is constantly working on a new project and is always committed to learning new skills. Assuming that one can even keep her away from her computer for more than a few seconds, she can also be found reading, channelling her inner musicality and being one with nature.

Nicole Sieber

Owner of Learn With Levi Dog Training, as well as a passionate and dedicated independent musician, Nicole has always had a knack for writing- be it songs, blogs, or formal speeches.  When not running training classes, she can usually be found hanging out with her Norfolk Terrier, Levi or indulging in live music, either as a fan or a performer.

Nicole loves to collect vinyl records and is a self-professed classic Simpson’s nerd.  She believes that most issues in life can be solved with guacamole.

Surbhi Gandhi

Surbhi is a social media coordinator by day and pop culture fanatic by night. She loves sharing stories about her experiences and creating content for various mediums. During the brief moments that she’s not glued to her iPhone, Surbhi keeps busy by exploring new restaurants, indulging in good reads and daydreaming about her future travel plans.

Zohra Bhimani

Zohra Bhimani holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Western Ontario. She has over six years of experience in the beauty industry and has a secret passion for doing eyebrows. Zohra has a special interest in strategic planning, crisis communications and speech writing.  She creates a buzz when networking and is currently a member on the IABC Young Professionals Committee. Through trials and tribulations she transitioned to Toronto to discover how people and corporations thrive.