That thing called attitude

By: Elena Iacono
Posted on: June 11, 2016

Ah – career development.

That loaded concept again.

As a millennial myself, I always try my best to learn as much as I can. Learn more

about how I can enhance my “game”. I’ve always prioritized – as often as I can –

reading the latest literature, requesting informational interviews. You name it!

But if it’s one thing I’ve learned over the years when it comes to career development

is that it has less to do about skills and everything to do with attitude.


Here’s why.

After graduating and starting our careers, we may think we have all the answers. We

probably do since millennials are the highest educated generation to date. But

that’s besides the point.

I’ve witnessed fully capable, skilled and ambitious millennials give up on a job

because they couldn’t deal with (after carefully inquiring) trivial situations.

The reality is, we have to work.

Our lives depend on it.

We have rent or mortgages to pay. Luxury dream vacations to take.

So. We need money. We need to work.

But let’s remove the notion of money and work for a moment.

Imagine if we could go to work feeling genuinely enthused?

Ready to take on anything because we’re confident.

Willing to work with someone who is different than us.

And accepting them.

That’s attitude.

And it’s so critical to our career development because the distance we’ll go depends

on our perspectives – and our willingness to stay open to new ideas, opportunities.

New ways of working. With others and with ourselves.

I’ve struggled with this myself over the years.

Besides being able to turn to my father who always has the best advice to get me

back on track, I’ve learned how to check-in on my attitude.

A pulse of sorts.

Because I’ve come to realize that how I perceive a situation, how I choose to think

and act, is far more important than the skills I can contribute.

Our willingness to challenge how we view scenarios will be what gets us further.

Now don’t get me wrong here. Don’t reject opportunities to enhance your craft. To

learn new tactics or skills. Sign up for that latest training course. Go ahead and apply

for that academic course you’ve always wanted to take.

But fuel your growth by being someone people gravitate towards. Someone people

are inspired by. Someone leaders pull up.

Our careers very much start with us. Our intelligence and our cognitive capabilities

are important.

However, our careers are dependent on something only unique to us. Our

demeanour and personal spirit.

Let others see that your attitude – and leadership – is one they can trust and the sky

is yours.

I wish you continued success in everything you’re doing!


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