The Real MVP: A Salute to your Squad’s Selfless Hero

By: Eric Oziel
Posted on: October 4, 2016

While Hollywood movies increasingly lead us to believe superheroes need to wear an iron body suit, wield magical hammers, or transform into a big green monster, one thing I’ve noticed is this:

Not all heroes wear capes.

Every week it seems that another one of your buddies got promoted to manager, a Girl’s Night Out regular gets a sparkly new rock on her left ring finger, or your once-upon-a-time BFFAE announces she’s pregnant. Life starts to move a mile a minute, so it naturally becomes tough to maintain the same level of interaction we once had with our friends as we navigate adult life, climb corporate ladders, and dive into the depths of serious adult monogamous relationships. With “losing contact with close friends” being one of the most common regrets at the end of life, it sometimes can take a superhuman effort to keep in close touch with your crew and to organize plans, let alone following through with them!

Enter the unofficial Group Chat Leader. Not always the same person who is the group’s social nucleus, this is the person who is keen to send that message out on Monday at noon, trying to no avail to rally the group to grab drinks that Thursday. Yet once again, everyone is busy with an after-work function, a rec-league sport game, or the regularly scheduled programming of Date Night. Ever relentless, the Hero comes back and successfully gathers the troops for a Friday night out. And it works! Well, at least for 4 of the 5 of you… So you roll out with your lads and/or lasses, have a great time at the bar and follow it up with brunch the following morning to recap the night’s events. Then everybody rides off into their respective sunsets saying “let’s do this again soon”. Yet the word “soon” can turn into weeks, sometimes months, without this person’s initiative to dig deep and start the process over again.

Without this person and their efforts, your friend group will not stand the test of time. Sure you’ll send messages to each other in between periods of forgetting to reply for a few days, but once life gets busy these are the key social interactions that suffer and can even fall off the map entirely. It’s a thankless job- one that involves cruel rejections just like a Tinder rough patch or getting turned down at the bar- but someone has to do it! But this Hero, or Heroine, has taken up that mantle. And if your group of friends doesn’t have its own Caped Crusader, you better step up yourself to become the hero your squad deserves- because you are the one it needs right now.

So, raise your glass in a toast to this person in your group. Call them up and tell them you love them. Name your newborn child after them. Let them know their efforts to keep the crew together aren’t going unnoticed. Let them know they’re the Real MVP. After all, you can’t hashtag SquadGoals without a squad…

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